shared hosting vs vps vs dedicated server

shared hosting vs vps vs dedicated server

Making the best web host choice when you’re getting ready to start a new website project can be challenging. Given the vast amount of hosting firms accessible that provide various services and capabilities, it’s no simple task, even for experienced engineers.

But it’s crucial to determine the type of hosting you require before making a decision on a web host.

The four primary forms of hosting—shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting—will be discussed in this article. Understanding the advantages and cons of each of these choices will help you choose the one that best suits the requirements of your website.

Shared Hosting

The most popular choice for those creating their first website is shared hosting.

Your website will be hosted on a server with hundreds or perhaps thousands of other websites when you sign up for shared hosting, according to the hosting company. This implies that each client must share server space and resources, such as CPU time, memory, and disc space, with all other clients.

Shared hosting can be compared to residing in an apartment complex. Although all of the inhabitants live in the same building, they do not all use the same amenities like parking spaces, elevators, or stairwells.

The least expensive and most cost-effective hosting choice is shared hosting. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for; in this situation, shared hosting has stringent restrictions.


  • It is affordable. Some hosting providers charge just $3.95 per month.
  • It’s suitable for newcomers. Compared to other hosting solutions, shared hosting is simple to get started with.
  • The server’s security, updates, and upkeep are handled on your behalf.


  • It may move slowly. Your page load times may be impacted by the number of other websites using the same server.
  • Security is not ensured. Because you don’t know who else is utilising the same server, your website may be impacted if one site experiences a memory leak or gets hacked.
  • Poor server performance and control. Performance may suffer if the server is overloaded or if another website uses more resources than it should.
  • Due of the restricted storage and bandwidth, scaling is challenging.


  • Depending on the web host you select, shared hosting might cost anywhere between $3.95 and $9.95 per month.
  • Ideal for small, low-traffic websites like blogs and personal websites.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

In that your website shares a server with other websites, shared hosting is similar to VPS, but there are fewer sites sharing resources and space, and the server is divided into various virtualized server environments. In contrast to shared hosting, VPS typically offers guaranteed minimum resources as well as supplemental resources that are ready to go at a moment’s notice should your site encounter a traffic uptick.

VPS is similar to residing in a condominium. While you still live in the same building as the other residents, it is your responsibility to maintain your home and make any necessary repairs inside your apartment. Additionally, there are fewer inhabitants and you have a designated parking space.


  • a dedicated server is more expensive, and you only pay for what you use.
  • more reliable. The host adds a layer of software that dedicates a portion of the server to you, making it entirely distinct from other customers, in order to appropriately segment the server.
  • It moves quickly. Compared to shared hosting, you get more resources.
  • root-level server access. You have more control over your hosting environment and can customise it to fit your needs.
  • It can be scaled. As your site’s server requirements develop over time, a VPS can scale with it.


  • Some server providers oversell their equipment in the hopes that no site using that server will experience a spike in traffic.
  • more expensive than hosting that is shared.
  • It may be challenging to configure an unmanaged VPS, which may delay the launch of your website.


Depending on the web provider you select, VPS hosting might cost anywhere from $20 and $100 per month.

Most suitable for

A VPS can be the best option for you if shared hosting is too basic for your requirements and you want dedicated resources and more control over your hosting environment.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are exactly what they sound like: Your website is kept on a solitary physical server that is only used for you. You don’t have to share the server with anybody else, you have complete access to all of its resources, and you may customise the hosting environments to your particular needs.

In comparison to other forms of hosting, this type is typically more expensive, but it also offers far superior performance and security. Additionally, it’s the best option for improving the performance of the Largest Contentful Paint, one of the Core Web Vitals measures.

Think of dedicated hosting as being similar to owning a home. Except for your family—if you have one in this case!—you are the only inhabitant. You are free to paint your house any colour you like and park your automobile in your own driveway. However, you are ultimately in charge of keeping your home in good condition, thus it is up to you to install a security system to deter intruders.


  • You are the only user of a dedicated server.
  • You have complete control over all settings and may completely tailor the server to the requirements of your website.
  • It moves quickly. The server’s resources are entirely yours to use.
  • Excellent server performance because you may customise it to your site’s exact requirements.
  • It is safe. You don’t have to be concerned about the “bad neighbour” effect that is typical with shared hosting because you are the only one using the server.
  • 24/7 assistance. Given the high cost of your account, web hosting companies will put a high focus on giving you the finest assistance possible.


  • It is pricey.
  • For server optimisation and maintenance, you require qualified technical personnel. Your server is under your control, therefore if anything goes wrong, you are responsible for fixing it.
  • Price
  • Depending on your needs, dedicated hosting might cost anywhere from $80 to $500 per month. Pricing is often determined by the characteristics of the server and any extra services.

most suitable for

Due to the high cost of dedicated hosting, it is best suited to big corporations and websites with heavy traffic that have more than 500,000 visits per month and have the technical staff to manage the server. If your company needs a high level of protection, dedicated hosting is a great choice.

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